Stephie Journal – Day 5

Almost the first thing I saw when I woke up was the tulips. The weather has improved again and while I wouldn’t go so far as to say that the light dappled on the tulips I might allow that it played a bit.

All of this made me think of Spring springing and new beginnings getting their start in life. As I thought this I started to feel guilty about Alison. She wasn’t dull. Life, and Anthony, had made her so. Wasn’t it my job, as her pro-ported friend to shake her from the shackles of drudgery? Of course it was. How to do it though?

I got up and considered the situation while dealing with my face. A grey eyebrow hair and a spot on the nose were pretty clear blocks to being able to focus objectively on my friend’s future. While the eyebrow hair needed dispatching I was heartened to discover that the nose spot was actually a stain from peony pollen, so I didn’t have to get so Lady Macbeth about the whole thing.

Clearly Alison needed shaking out of her decision to marry. One could always persuade some far more eligible alternative to start sidling in her general vicinity. Finding one of those wouldn’t be tricky, but finding one who would actually go through with the whole popping of said question was a little trickier. I wasn’t sure how Alison would feel about trading the bird in her hand for a flighty alternative, even if her bird was a certified dodo.

There was always Roger. He was pretty good at making sure people had a good time, and I couldn’t help but feel that Alison needed a bit of that. Could he be pinned down though? Many had tried, especially Aunt Clara, but even the hollow threat of withdrawal of allowance hadn’t caused the desired outcome. Perhaps because it was patently hollow, perhaps because he couldn’t be moved out of bachelor life. It hadn’t been tested. I rather agreed with Clara, unusually, that once he tried monogamy he might prefer it.

Of course there was always Simon-from-the-office but… No. That would work a bit too well for my liking. I’m not willing to keep going to sea without my life-raft. Let’s punt on how long that can work without my addressing it. I’m making progress for Alison today, don’t let’s start bringing me into it.


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