Stephie Journal – Day 4

It had been such a week I was starting to feel I might become like the Gosports and fade fast. I might be tired but duty, seems necessary when remembered, but is easily forgotten when ignored.

There were things that needed to be done. A visit with Aunt Clara first thing seemed advised. She’s a good egg is Clara and she tends to keep the other aunts in line. She seemed a little distracted on arrival but she explained it was because her dog, Badger, had taken ill and she’d just received a letter about it. Obviously I didn’t want anything upsetting to happen to the blighter but if I am correct in my identification of animalis woofious then I remember this particular pooch being a trifle more romantically affectionate of my left leg than I prefer in man’s best friend, so I might not have been as considerate as I might have been. Luckily Clara was so cut up about it she didn’t notice and was keen to send me packing so she could head off.

This meant I got a spare ten minutes to myself before Alison arrived for luncheon. I filled it by merely staring completely into space. It was the first ten minutes apart from sleep I’d had alone all week. I was quite shocked when Alison arrived to find myself still in the restaurant. We chatted about her upcoming nuptials and all of the arrangements. She’s become more boring since she paired off with Anthony and that’s saying something.

We went shopping together all afternoon and then for dinner we made a three with the one and only Anthony at Sparges. Anthony is a prize drip. Nowadays Alison is as dull as an unpolished doorknob but Anthony makes her look good, not by applying a bit of brasso and giving her a rub, but rather by sitting there an even duller doorknob in the hope she looks good in comparison.

I hated the whole sorry lot of it. Time to go home. On the opening of the front door I could smell something that required immediate action. Peonies might be the bees knees but I still had to chuck them. I’m not sure there really is such a thing as a stench of death among humans, but I’m not really the person to ask. I can tell you that when it comes to peonies that once they turn against you the all pervading smell will tend to remind you that the end is neigh. So I put them in the bin, and cut some tulips to put in their place.


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