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Gamboling on the future

I am going to make a few changes around here. Have a bit of a sweep and tidy up.
In my job which I amazingly manage to do and keep four blogs on the go part of my role is managing change. Trying to change the way that my firm goes about it’s business. And one of the most important lessons I’ve learnt working on projects like this is the concept of fail fast.

People get incredibly invested in the projects they are working on. They feel that if they just tinker a little bit more then it will suddenly come right. But it isn’t often true. You have to learn to be brutal even with the projects you love.

Now here at Gamboling we’ve added the weekend section since the beginning of the year. And I’ve personally liked the Sunday Illustrated section very much but the Saturday deafinitions have been wearing me down. They aren’t funny enough, they take ages to write and I don’t want to steal them from anywhere else.

If I were going to I would have already posted my personal favorite from Stephen Fry, for I’m Sorry I Haven’t a Clue’s Uxbridge round who did “Countryside – the act of killing Piers Morgan” at lunchtime on a Sunday on Radio 4 and nobody complained. Presumably because they thought it was true.

So if I’m not enjoying it I think I better retire from that particular feature. So what, you may be asking will you be getting instead?

Well I have been, as you might have noticed experimenting with some longer fiction of late. And frankly I would like to do some more. So I think what I’m going to do is add another day of Fiction into the mix. One of the fiction days will be for short little stand alone things and the other will be for longer pieces which will appear in four parts each. So a four part story will take four weeks still. And there will be some other fiction each week to keep you going.

The other fiction will likely include some recurring characters. For example in the up and coming months we can expect to see our friends from the frozen school of the future again and I will also be bringing you some short stories from Citron, my detective. Citron has been in the pipeline for a while now, he’s one of the novels that I mention in my profile. His novel has the virtue of being the only one I’ve been actively writing in 2006 and I am continuing on that tack in 2007. But some ideas simply can’t fit into the novel so they will appear here.

The only problem is that Friday and Saturday are right next to each other in the week so it might get to be a bit too much. So to solve this I’m going to have a quick re-jig of the days. So we will have:

Monday – Short Fiction to start up the week
Tuesday – A Joke
Wednesday – An Article
Thursday – A Joke
Friday – Longer Fiction
Saturday – An Article
Sunday – An Illustration or an illustrated article

Anyway that’s the plan. Obviously feel free to let me know if you don’t like it, or drop me a line for any reason.

Thanks for reading,



A vacuum cleaner that you’ve borrowed


A heavy duty plant vehicle which you’ve borrowed


Becoming trapped within some pastry and covered in cream.


An automobile belonging to your father’s brother.


Becoming aware, through a vision, that you will lose your hearing at some point in the future.