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Nina and the lost dog

Nina was walking along one day when she heard a dog barking and ran over to see what was going on. She saw a dog walking along and barking with it’s lead trailing behind it.

“Hello,” said Nina.
“Hello,” said the dog.
“Why are you barking?” asked Nina.
“Because I’ve lost my owner,” said the dog.
“Oh dear,” said Nina, “I’ll have to help you find them, my name is Nina by the way, what’s yours?”
“My name is Patch,” said the dog.

Nina and Patch went walking along looking everywhere for Patch’s owner.

“What is the name of your owner?” asked Nina.
“Her name is Lucy,” said Patch.
“Well let’s shout it out…”

“Lucy, Lucy, hello, we’ve got Patch”

But who should turn up but Nina’s cousin Oliver.

“Hello, Oliver,” said Nina.
“Hello, Nina,” said Oliver.
“Can you help us find Patch’s owner?”
“Yes,” said Oliver, “you haven’t got lost again have you Patch.”
Patch had to say that he had, and he looked quite upset about it.
“Don’t worry,” said Nina, “we’ll find Lucy”.

“Lucy, Lucy, hello, we’ve got Patch” they all shouted.

This time Lucy actually did turn up and she said, “Patch, Patch, I’ve been looking everywhere for you. I didn’t come here before because I was looking somewhere else.

“Don’t worry,” said Nina, “we’ve been looking after Patch for you”.
“Thank you for doing that,” said Lucy.
“And thank you for finding me,” said Patch.

And then it was time for everyone to go home.

The end.

The Prince and the friend

Once upon a time, there was a prince who was very annoying. His servants were always trying to find ways to make the other servants have to go and deal with him.

Ring-Ring-Ring goes his bell, and everyone tries to hide or look busy or tries to busily hide.

One servant, a very clever servant, called Joan, never seemed to make herself scarce in time. She was very smart, and was always trying to invent things, but she was so busy thinking of all kinds of super smart things that when the bell went she didn’t always hear it straight away. By the time the bell rang the second time, she would suddenly realise what was happening, think about hiding, and realise that everyone else had beaten her to it.

One time, when our story starts, Joan walked into the room and the prince was screaming, “What’s taken you so long?”
“Sorry,” she said, “what can I help you with?”
“I want a tree house that I can live in.”
“With one lump or two?” Joan asked automatically, she had assumed he was going to ask for a cup of tea, that’s what he usually asked for at this time of day, but what was he asking for now? A tree house – woweee that sounds like a big thing, but maybe a fun thing to make? Maybe, Joan thought, she would actually enjoy making a tree house for the Prince.

Despite the fact that the Prince was now shouting at her for talking about putting sugar into his treehouse, Joan wasn’t really listening, she was already thinking about the heights and benefits of the different trees in the Royal gardens. She was thinking about which kind of wood should be used for the construction, and she was wondering if there was a way to make some kind of pulley system to engineer a special kind of lift up into the treehouse.

“Sorry, Your Majesty,” Joan said, “I didn’t mean to say one lump or two, I meant to say, of course you can have a treehouse. Would you like a cup of tea to drink while you are waiting for the treehouse?”
“Yes I would,” the Prince said without even saying please, “and mind you don’t make me wait too long because I want this treehouse RIGHT NOW!”

Joan hurried out of the room with plans bursting out of her big brain. And within just three days Joan had built a treehouse so amazing even the Prince was impressed, though he didn’t say thank you.

If you thought the Prince having a treehouse would make things easier for the servants then you would be totally and completely wrong. The prince was now further away, and they had to go a long way to find out what he wanted and then come all the way back to get whatever it was and then he would usually complain that everything had taken a long time to get to him.

Joan didn’t like to see everyone suffering, especially as it was her treehouse that was causing the problem. One day, she woke up with an idea. What if she invented a long distance speaking thing / telephone? Then when the Prince wanted something he could call the servants and then they could just run out with whatever it was.

The prince was really impressed with this, although he didn’t say thank you, and he started calling up all the time.

But the servants still weren’t happy, the prince still never said please or thank you, and even though they didn’t have to go to the treehouse to find out what the prince wanted anymore, it still was a long way to bring everything he asked for. And when that took a long time, the prince was ever so cross.

One morning, Joan woke up with another idea. What about a super cool train set that the servants could load up with whatever needed to go to the prince which would take everything much faster than the servants could carry it.

The prince was really impressed with this, although he didn’t say thank you, and the servants started sending everything to him on the train.

After a bit of time the servants realised that they were really happy with this latest invention. They only had to take the prince’s phone calls and send whatever he wanted by train and they never had to see him. He still didn’t say please or thank you, but as they never had to see him in person it all made things much easier for them.

One day when the phone rang, the prince had a special kind of request, one that couldn’t be answered with the train. He phoned up and said, “Can’t one of you come and see me? I’m lonely.”

And who do you think happened to have answered the phone? It was Joan. So Joan decided to go to the treehouse and see the prince.

“Hello,” said Joan.
“Hello,” said the Prince.
“Was there something you wanted?” asked Joan.
“Yes, I want a friend,” said the Prince.
“Oh,” said Joan, “I’m not sure it’s going to be easy to find one of those.”
“Why not? Why can’t you be my friend?”, asked the Prince.
“Because you aren’t very nice.”
“BE MY FRIEND!”, the Prince shouted, “I ORDER YOU TO BE MY FRIEND”.
“No,” said Joan, “it doesn’t work like that.”
“Why not?” asked the Prince.
“Because if I’m going to be your friend, you have to try and be my friend first. I’ve done nothing but be nice to you, and you have done nothing but been horrible to me and my friends.”
“And,” Joan said, “my friends aren’t allowed to shout at me.”
“Oh,” said the Prince, “that doesn’t sound very good.”
“No,” said Joan, “being my friend is really good, and if you want to be my friend you will have to decide to be nice to me. I’m going to sit quietly now and wait for you to say something nice.”

Joan waited quite a long time, while the Prince tried to think of something nice to say.

Eventually he said, “I do quite like this treehouse, and I do quite like the train you made, and I do like the telephone you made as well.”

Joan waited a bit longer.

“That was nice, what just I said,” said the Prince.
“It was,” said Joan, “but you still haven’t said thank you.”
“Oh yes, thank you for everything that you have done. Can we be friends now?”
“Yes,” said Joan, “we can, as long as you really mean it.”
“Yes I do, I’m glad we can be friends,” said the Prince, “would you like a cup of tea?”
“As long as you make it yourself,” Joan said.
“I will…”, the prince paused, “please will you show me how?”
“I will,” said Joan.

And the Prince and Joan lived politely ever after.

Monkey to the rescue

Once upon a time Monkey was walking along in the treetops when he heard a little noise going “help help”.

‘Who could that be?’ thought Monkey.

Monkey walked towards where the help sound was coming from and he called out “who is it?”.
“It’s me porcupine, I’m completely stuck up here in this high tree, which is as tall as Daddy and I’m only a teeny tiny baby porcupine so I don’t know what to do.”

When monkey got close he saw the porcupine, and the porcupine suddenly showed monkey all of its spines – which are a kind of spike that the porcupine has on its body.

Once monkey saw the spines he said, “oh dear, I would like to help you, but I don’t think I can pick you up if you are that spiky”.

The porcupine said, “Don’t worry, you can pick me up on the bottom where it’s soft.”
“Oh,” said Monkey, “I didn’t know you had any bit where you weren’t spiky.”
“Well,” said the porcupine, “let me show you,” and she rolled up into a ball and showed Monkey her tummy where it was nice and soft.

Then Monkey knew exactly what to do and picked her up and carried her down to the ground. As soon as they got to the ground he saw nine porcupines – the whole family. They were looking quite worried because their baby had gone missing. But luckily Monkey had found her.

Once everyone was back together, everyone was really really happy and it was time for them all to go home.

The end.

Gwen and the rocket

Gwen, Nina and Elephant decided to go on an adventure in their rocket but they didn’t know where to go.

“Why don’t we go and visit Rabbit?” asked Nina.
“Yes,” said Gwen, “we haven’t seen him for ages.”
“I wonder if he has any carrots? I quite like carrots sometimes,” said Elephant.
“Ooooh, me too,” said Nina.
“There won’t be any, I’m afraid,” said Gwen, “it’s time for planting carrots, not picking them.”
“Maybe we’ll be able to plant some,” said Nina.

They all got into the rocket and blasted off up into the sky. Whooooosh. It didn’t actually take that long to get to rabbit’s house but it had been a while since they had been in the rocket and they decided to do a couple of extra loop-the-loops so they could whooosh around a bit more. Every time the rocket went upside down they kept all laughing and giggling. It was so much fun.

Eventually they decided to land in Rabbit’s garden. Luckily he was already there because the rocket landed upside down and he had to help them turn it the right way up. The last time they had visited him, he’d been out and they had had to wait for him.

“Hello everyone,” said Rabbit.
“Hello,” said Gwen.
“Hello,” said Elephant.
“Hi,” said Nina.
“What are you up to today Rabbit?” asked Gwen.
“I’m planting carrots in the garden today,” said Rabbit.

Elephant remembered what Gwen had said earlier about it not being a time to pick carrots, but thought he’d better check anyway, just in case. “Rabbit,” Elephant started to say, but before he could get his question out, Rabbit interrupted him.

“And sorry Elephant, I don’t have any carrots, I wish I did but I don’t, that’s why I’m planting more.”
“Not to worry,” said Elephant, “I just wanted to check.”
“You can have this banana I bought at the shop if you like though,” said Rabbit.
“Oh thanks,” said Elephant.

While Elephant started eating the banana, Nina and Gwen were examining Rabbit’s tools: he had a small fork, a trowel (which is a small kind of spade) and a dibber (which is a pointy stick for making holes in the ground to put seeds in).

“Oh dear, that’s a shame,” said Nina.
“What’s a shame?” asked Gwen.
“Well,” said Nina, “the shame is that there are four of us, Elephant, one, Rabbit, two, Gwen, three, and me, four. But there are only three tools: the fork, one, the trowel, two, and the dibber, three”
“Oh dear,” said Gwen, “that is a shame.”
“Yes it is,” agreed Rabbit, “especially as I really really need one more tool. I really really need a watering can but I don’t have one, my old one broke.”
“Don’t worry,” said Elephant who had just finished his banana, “why doesn’t Rabbit use the fork to turn the soil, Nina use the dibber to put the seeds in, and Gwen use the trowel to put the new soil on top?”
“But what will you do,” asked Rabbit?
“I’ll be the watering can! My trunk can help carry the water from the waterbutt over there.”

And so they did. Rabbit used the fork to turn the soil, Nina used the dibber to put the seeds in, Gwen used the trowel to put the new soil on top, and Elephant used his trunk to help carry the water from the waterbutt and sprayed it on top.

After all the carrot seeds were planted, it was time to say goodbye and go back in the rocket and head home.

Once they got home they told Daddy about everything they had done and ate their dinner which was fish fingers, peas and carrots. And they even had carrot cake for pudding.

After pudding it was time to go straight upstairs to brush their teeth, get in to bed and fall fast asleep… Well after a few stories from Mummy.

Monkey goes to school

Monkey and his Mummy are on their way to school. It’s Monkey’s very first day at school and he’s nervous and a bit worried.

“Don’t worry,” says Mummy, “everyone will be very friendly in there, I promise”.

Monkey didn’t say anything, he really wasn’t sure about school today, maybe he’d just start school tomorrow? He was about to suggest this when they arrived at a door and Mummy opened it. In the room, there was one big desk at the end and six little desks.

Sitting at the first little desk was a cow and on the top of the desk was some grass.

Sitting at the second little desk was a rabbit and on the top of the desk was a carrot.

Sitting at the third little desk was a horse and on the top of the desk was some sugar lumps.

Sitting at the fourth little desk was a chicken and on the top of the desk was some grain.

Sitting at the fifth little desk was a dog and on the top of the desk was a sausage.

Nobody was sitting at the sixth little desk but on the top of the desk was a banana.

“That’s my desk,” said Monkey. He looked up to check with his Mummy who smiled and encouraged him.

Monkey ran over to his desk and sat down just in time for the teacher to arrive.

The end.

Elephant loses his banana

Once upon a time Elephant, Gwen and Nina were all playing when Elephant realised that he was quite hungry.

“Maybe you should eat a banana,” said Gwen.
“I thought I had one around here somewhere,” said Elephant, “but it seems to have gone missing.”
“Maybe you’ve put it in one of your pockets,” said Nina.
“I thought that,” said Elephant, “but I’ve checked and it’s gone.”
“Maybe,” said Nina, “it just walked off by itself.”
“That’s impossible, isn’t it?” said Gwen, “Bananas don’t have legs.”
“But this one does because it’s special,” said Nina.
“Was it a special banana,” asked Gwen?
“Yes it was,” said Elephant, “it was special to me, it was going to be my lunch.”
“Well then,” said Gwen, “we’ll have to look for it.”

So Gwen, Elephant and Nina decided to go and look for this special banana.
“Can you remember where you last saw it?” asked Gwen.
“It might be in the fruit bowl,” said Nina, but it wasn’t there, there were only three apples in there, and elephants don’t like
apples, at least this one doesn’t.
“Actually, the last place I saw the banana was in the shop,” said Elephant.
“What? You didn’t actually buy it?” said Nina.
“I don’t remember,” said Elephant.
“Maybe you bought it,” said Gwen, “but left it on the counter.”
“I think,” said Nina, “that he might have actually forgotten to buy it, popped it in his pocket, then it dropped out on the
pavement so it will be really mucky now. Oh, Elephant, you are so forgetful sometimes.”
“I am,” said Elephant, “but don’t worry about it being mucky if it’s on the floor, because you don’t eat banana skins, so it’s got
its own wrapper.”
“That’s true,” said Nina, “shall we go and look for it?”
“Yes,” said Elephant, “I’m still really hungry.”

Sure enough, as they were walking down the road they suddenly saw, lying on the pavement, a single banana. Elephant went running
over and was about to peel it and pop it in his mouth when Gwen said, “Stop! Didn’t Nina say you might have forgotten to buy that?
If you haven’t bought it then you shouldn’t eat it yet. Let’s go in to the shop and check, it’s only over there.”

So they went in to the shop, and the shopkeeper was very surprised to see Elephant again. “Hello, back again Elephant, you can’t
have eaten all of those bananas that you bought already, can you?”
“Oh,” said Elephant, “did I buy more than one?”
“Yes,” said the shopkeeper, “you bought a whole bunch. I saw you eating them as you left the shop. You were in such a rush I
wouldn’t be surprised if you hadn’t dropped some as you were peeling them so quickly.”
“Ah,” said Gwen, “that must have been how you dropped your last banana.”

And that was the whole true story. The friends all went back home really quickly, so they would be in time for lunch, and Mummy
made them a lovely lunch of tuna sandwiches for everyone, except Elephant who had another bunch of bananas!

The end.