Stephie Journal – Day 6

Back to getting on with things today at work. One of those rare normal days. At the beginning of the day there was something that pro-ported to be a plan and it was followed almost to the end.

We had meetings with decisions, meetings that needed decisions and meetings that sounded like they were going nowhere but where we decided at the last minute to decide that some decisions might not be as bad an idea as we might have done when we all walked in.

Decided, having had a bit of sleep, to go fully for planned insertion of spanners into relevant nuptial works. I telephoned Roger and arranged to meet him for luncheon. I think, at first, he thought we were meeting for my own benefit. He told an absolute stonker of a story involving the archdeacon, a lady of ill repute and small yapping dog that wouldn’t shut up. When I revealed that I wasn’t interested I could see that he was upset that he had used his “A” material on someone who didn’t matter and might be called upon to listen and laugh at the story again.

“Isn’t Alison getting married,” he cut rough with my idea of teasing the issue out.
“Not necessarily,” I said.
“Yes necessarily,” he said, “imagine I was in the other posish? Couldn’t stand it.”
“And that’s going to hold you back?” I asked.
“Of course, not my usual MO Stephie, not keen on this sort of thing as a rule.”
“But you know Anthony, he’s s drip of the first order.”
“No argument from me, but he has a proposal from a decent lady, actually from a stonkingly brilliant lady, and that’s a bit of fair play as far as I can tell.”

The good news was this confirmed my view in Roger’s essential decency, this was clearly wonderful. But in practical terms in relation to booting Anthony out of the picture it didn’t seem terribly positive.

Decided to apologise to Roger for wasting his time and offer him a rematch at dinner. “The topic of Anthony and Alison will not cross my lips, a dinner just about the world of Roger – what do you think?” He seemed to be quite amiable to this idea.

I wonder how truly shocked he was when only a few hours later I “had to” cancel because I had to urgently meet with Anthony who was “questioning everything”.

I, of course, had no such dinner. I went home, Claude pulled together something lamb based which was more than acceptable and I went to bed knowing that I had achieved a good day.


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