Monthly Archives: June 2008

NuLabour are confused…

If you wanted an analogy of what’s going wrong you would only have to look at the spies losing important documents on trains. Would you be totally surprised to see this headline:

“Government move to stop lost documents on trains, by banning trains”

Okay perhaps not that radical. But what about making it illegal to take property found on a train? This would make the newspapers and the BBC unable to report the problem but wouldn’t actually solve the problem.

The government has become obsessed with solving symptoms rather than solving problems. 42 days detention deals with problems we shouldn’t be facing in the first place. It comes back to George W. Bush. He isn’t stupid. He’s inexperienced and so was Blair. Neither of them could see what they were doing was wrong. And Blair was the enabler.

After 9/11 they decided on a strategy of attacking before we were attacked. This is exactly the strategy of focusing on symptoms rather than solutions. Nobody in power seemed to ask the question, “why were we attacked?”.