Monthly Archives: May 2011

Measure for measure

If you talk to a group of men about clothes measurements, men will quickly let you know how pleased they are with our clothing measurement system.

Women have a completely crazy measurement system. They have sizes and they don’t really mean anything. And because they don’t really mean anything one can be one size in one shop and a completely different size in another.

Men have long pointed out how clever their system is because we use actual measurements. I have 32 inch legs. This can be proven by measuring my legs and then you can go and buy the trousers which have the corresponding length of leg.

And while there are large and manifest advantages to the men’s system over the ladies’ system (although we don’t have the option of blaming the shop when we’ve indulged a bit much at Christmas) there is a problem that needs fixing.

Waist measurements measure how long a piece of material you need to go around somebody’s waist, whereas leg measurements only measure half of the number because your legs go up and down or at least the material does. Although presumably it’s actually just two bits of material the right length sewn together, in which case the number is right and so… Well it comes back to the simple answer that ladies should really switch to the men’s system.