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Reasons to be cheerful – Part 1

I have decided to start an occasional series of brief posts simply stating reasons to be cheerful. There is a lot of negativity in the world, but not everything need be like that. We can and should be hopeful.

In this five minute video, Professor Hans Rosling uses complicated mathematics and computer technology to tell an impressively easy to understand story. It is the story of 200 countries over 200 years, but it’s told in 4 minutes with statistics. And it makes me smile.


I get up early. This is my morning.

Please switch to the 720p version of the video after you start playing. You’d imagine this would be a feature of WordPress but it isn’t… Because wordpress sucks. WordPress ignores the information that is trying to force the HD version to play. Insane. Grr.

Nice Chest

We have a new chest of drawers. It has a deep drawer at the bottom and two medium height drawers on top of that. On the top level, there are two drawers side by side. Or to put it another way 5 drawers; 2 on the same level, then 3 one under another.

The top right hand drawer smelt of incense, Katherine could smell it keenly. I had opened the drawers so they wouldn’t stick and our house was already beginning to warm the wood up. Katherine had some lavender drawer liners stashed away to use for something – maybe this. She put the whole roll of draw liners in the incense drawer.

The chest is made of pine and has been quite badly painted white. But the bad painting makes it look interesting. There are places where you can almost see the wood through the paint. Places where you can see the brush strokes. Places that were just missed.

It has been knocked into and bumped about, and then it was painted, and then it has been injured again. You can tell. You can see where paint has been put on to cover a knock, and then you can see where paint has been chipped off.

Every drawer has a lock, but they’ve all been painted over. And we don’t have any keys for it.

A bloke came to help us carry it into the house. He smelt of smoke, it didn’t look like it was his incense. He asked us if we’d had a nice Christmas.