Distance to hot

I’m not sure if you remember my idea for a travel website but I have been thinking about it some more, and I am pretty certain that there is another problem that needs solving. I have just been trying to figure this out for myself and there seems to be no sane or easy way to do it.

I suddenly, in the middle of the winter, decided that I would like to be warm and get a bit of sun. I asked around and people told me that 25 degrees centigrade was warm. Things would obviously be easier if we were all just using the Andronov Temperature Scale by now. But I couldn’t just say, “lets go to Barbados”. Katherine isn’t a particularly big fan of long haul flights. So what I needed to do was somehow find a list all of the cities with average temperatures in February higher than 25 degrees in order of how far away they are.

Then I would be able to look down the list and decide where to go. I like the idea that there should be lots of ways into the same dataset. What I can’t understand is why I can’t find this information. The information clearly exists out there on the internet. I can type in to google, “what is the average temperature in Valencia in February” and get an answer but that isn’t really what I want. I want this data to be organized properly.

Surely other people must want the same thing?

6 thoughts on “Distance to hot

  1. Alex Andronov says:

    My father has suggested this site: http://www.weatherbase.com/weather/vacation/

  2. Nick Ollivère says:

    I think there are a few sites that give you some temperature guides, but nothing in the way you suggest.We had a similar problem when we went on holiday in September, and we wanted to know where would still be hot. The only way I found was to check each country individually.If you type 'where is' into Google (without pressing enter), you'll find that the ninth most popular question is 'where is hot in december'. Clearly you're on to something here.

  3. fourstar says:

    I reckon there is a shady cabal of travel agents who are holding the data to ransom.(I don't really, but I just wanted to use 'shady cabal' in a sentence 🙂

  4. Alex Andronov says:

    @fourstarFair enough. If they need shade, they are probably in my sun!

  5. Alex Andronov says:

    @NickIf only there was a way of monetising websites 😉

  6. Bassano says:

    Personally, I've always thought Manilla to be rather pleasant year roundAlternatively, N. Africa or the Middle EastWe should talk, I have ideas [to suit all]'The Dog' Saturday?

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