The Andronov Temperature Scale

Thursdays are archive day on Gamboling at the moment. Time to unearth something…

So this week I’ve been remembering that at one point I thought that, once in your life, you really want to get a thing named after you. Dancers get desserts. People who save people who are drowning get a crescent named after them.* But what could I do? I just needed to invent something. And so here is the idea that Genius creator Dave Gorman called, “I’m less convinced by the temperature scale though”.**

The idea is simple, water should freeze at zero, naturally, but it’s far more important to know if it’s going to be warm. So Zero is freezing, 100 is a really hot day, and 50 is comfortable.

If you want to read this, remember you need to read the posts from the bottom up:

Andronov Scale

* Is that right – Ed Harris? [what? ed]

** I’ll tell you about the other idea next week

3 thoughts on “The Andronov Temperature Scale

  1. mr. c. says:

    dave gorman? next week?tell me now!

  2. Alex Andronov says:

    It's like a trailer!I think you'll have to wait – sorry!

  3. Bassano says:

    Whilst I think the Andronov scale is most excellent, the Ångström estate may wish you choose another symbol for itÅngströmA capital 'A' used with [Å] and without the accent, though those SI people don't seem to be fans of it so you might be able to sneak it in with a small Milky Bar bribe

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