Writing Diary: Day 1

So day 1 is complete. Don’t worry about all the flannel how many pages did I write?

I wrote 11 pages.

So 1 more than target.

Writing 11 pages was tough. I mean it wasn’t fighting in Iraq tough. But it was difficult to achieve. And I worry that doing another 10 today might be harder.

However Katherine left pretty early this morning. And that might make things easier or harder. It’s difficult to say. Yesterday afternoon I had agreed to be out of the house because Katherine was packing. And so I had…

stop snickering at the back…

I had to spend the afternoon with my laptop in the pub.

And the pub I chose happened to be the Lowlander in Covent Garden.

Here are some pictures:

Hey… I got my writing done didn’t I?

So the question is could I have done more if I had spend less time in the pub? Or did the pub loosen things up enabling more writing to get done?

And most crucially, has writing 11 pages yesterday made writing 10 pages today harder or easier?

I’ll tell you one thing though… There was zero correlation between how many pages I hoped to write and how many I did. I didn’t write 11 just because I planned to do 10. I hoped, secretly, to do 20. And wrote as many as I could get out of myself without being silly.

Anyway… Will I write 10 today? There’s only one way to find out… Check back tomorrow.

PS. Thanks to all of those who wished me well by the way, your thoughts have been much appreciated.

2 thoughts on “Writing Diary: Day 1

  1. fourstar says:

    I /was/ going to wish you well but then you spent the day in the Lowlander, you fiend!

  2. Alex Andronov says:

    Sorry about that!

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