Writing Diary: Day 2

So day 2 is over now.

If you haven’t a clue what’s going on you may want to check out: The introduction and Day 1.

Yesterday was very tricky. I think I had tired out my brain with the writing that I had done on day 1. And as we all know a tired brain is a non-productive brain.

The morning was pretty hopeless as Katherine had to get up early to go to the airport and so I had to get up early too. And we had gone to bed late because of the packing that needed doing. So I found myself feeling very tired in the morning. I did not, as at least one person suggested and as many more were probably thinking have a hangover.

I wrote two pages and then at around 10am I went back to sleep for an hour. This is a real oddity for me. I think I can count on one hand the times I’ve gone back to sleep in the daytime in the last 10 years. I don’t like doing it as it makes me feel very strange – actually almost like I have a hangover. But this is a writing holiday and I was seemingly too tired to write so I figured I better do whatever it takes. So I slept. There was an added strangeness to it in that just before I had decided to go back to sleep my previous attempt to wake myself up had been to shower. So yesterday I woke up, had a pot of coffee, showered and then went back to bed. No wonder it was so very confusing.

I slept for about an hour. Which wasn’t enough to stop me feeling tired, but was enough to have added the weird strange almost like a hangover feeling. I showered again, dressed and then wrote another two pages and then it was one o’clock and I’d only written 4 pages.

This was not really very good. I figured that as the day progressed I would get more tired and therefore less productive. That’s what usually happens anyway, so I was quite despondent.

Although at least on the positive side that fourth page was page number 67 which meant that I had crossed the third way mark (I am guessing the whole thing is going to be around 200 pages based on the current pacing of the already written chapters and the structure I’ve planned).

The afternoon went better, but it was still hard going. At one point I accidentally deleted 3 pages as well. Luckily undo worked in the way it was supposed to. It was quite confusing as I’d seemingly managed to delete some, not notice and then write some more so I had to copy the new stuff and then undo back to the deletion and then add the new stuff back in afterwards.

I wrote the six pages that I needed to do to make my 10 for the day, but it was like pulling teeth. From looking at the statistics I wrote around 10.1 words per minute. That. Is. Slow. And I was writing for most of that time sadly. I was writing a sentence – and then thinking… Um… ah… What happens next? Um… ah? Um… Oh. Another sentence. And so on… for six hours. That statistic another way is 6 seconds between each word.

So after I made my 10 pages I decided to have a break and watch a movie. I watched Goodfellas. A total classic movie which I have seen many times before. The idea with these things is to provide a distraction by a known amount. I didn’t want to get too interested in a movie that I wouldn’t be able to sleep – or more importantly that I not write.

So after the movie finished I wrote 2 pages in 45 minutes. Now that’s more like it.

So yes if you’ve been keeping a running total that’s 12 pages. One more than Day 1 and two more than the target. That does make it sound like it is going to be 13 today, but I’m not sure.

Today is going to be more tricky as I am going out tonight to see a friend. This is my one scheduled outing of the 5 days, so I better attack the writing with relish:

2 thoughts on “Writing Diary: Day 2

  1. kris says:

    That is the wrong relish, no wonder you are having trouble. Use the jalepenos one, that will get your brain moving faster.

  2. Alex Andronov says:

    I’ve used up the jalepenos one already sadly. And I can’t go to the supermarket or I really will not get anything done.No it’s gerkins all the way today.

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