A writing holiday

So. Writing eh? What larks, what fun!

Over the next few days I’m going to have my first ever writing holiday. Not a holiday from writing, but rather a holiday to write.

Katherine is off to Turkey to do some belly dancing* and so I’m going to attempt to get some writing done. I have five days off starting on Wednesday and ending on Sunday. And I am going to tell you how much writing I have done in a brief post on Gamboling each day so you can see my progress. And mainly so I can’t skive.

I am currently a quarter of the way through the current novel – yes I know that’s where I was last time I did an update. It’s bad isn’t it? I have written 52 pages and the novel should be about 200.

So obviously the answer is to write 30 pages a day and then I’ll be finished. But 30 pages of A4 is quite a lot to fill. You’re talking 15,000 words a day. And I’m not sure I’m up to that. My most recent speed has been 1,000 words in a month. I’d rather set myself a target that’s do-able and meet it than set something impossible and miss it.

So I’m going to go for 10 pages a day. That would take me to half way. That’s an achievable goal – I hope.

So, the rules:

  • No Internet until Sunday evening except for these Gamboling articles
    and comments
  • Katherine doesn’t go until Thursday morning so I’m not to get
    disheartened if the first day doesn’t work very well
  • I’m not to get disheartened
  • I will, on the morning after, tell you how many pages I wrote
  • I will not try and catch up before I write that post.
  • [and I can nag you from Istanbul! – Ed]

And so that’s it I think. Knowing that you are going to be reading this should make me hit my targets – I hope.

* Really. It’s for a hen do.

One thought on “A writing holiday

  1. jackie says:

    Good luck with the target. I look forward to reading how you are getting along

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