Why I will be leaving Demon Internet

I had the following conversation with Demon Internet’s “customer support”

Alex has joined the session
Connected to chat server, an agent will be with you shortly
CustomerService05 has joined the session
Alex: I have been limited by the fair use policy. I would like to have the limit removed. If I was to upgrade to Business 8000 would that work and how long would it take? Thanks, Alex.
CustomerService05: Hello, welcome to Demon Customer Service you are through to Priya.
Alex: Hi Priya
CustomerService05: Please bear with me while I load up your account details.
Alex: No problem
CustomerService05: Could you please confirm the security word on the account.Your’s mother’s name?
Alex: Xxxxx
CustomerService05: Sorry your mother’s name?
CustomerService05: Thank you.
CustomerService05: Please bear with me.
CustomerService05: The present Download usage for your service is 84.0GB
CustomerService05: You are not supposed to exceed more than 60GB
Alex: I have not received any message from Demon about this.
Alex: I contacted Technical support and then Technical support tested the line… THere was no fault on the line.
CustomerService05: Please stop downloading for next two weeks and the download usage should go back to 60Gb or evven lesser and then you can upgrade the service.
Alex: And then I asked him to check if the Fair Use Policy had kicked in.
CustomerService05: Faif Usage Polocy has nothing to do with the line test.
Alex: Which it had. But nobody had informed me.
CustomerService05: Since the service is restricted, you will not be able to upgrade the service.
CustomerService05: i am sorry for the inconvenience.
Alex: I have been a customer of Demon since 1995! And nobody from your company even had the grace to tell me that I was having a problem!
Alex: Why wasn’t I informed when I got to 60Gb?
Alex: I am seriously considering leaving Demon!
CustomerService05: Since the tool is under maintenance, the notification could not be sent.
Alex: But I offer to pay you more money a month to avoid this problem and you say I can’t!
Alex: Then I tried to call your customer service number which doesn’t work!
Alex: If the tool is under maintenence then you should inform your users that there is a risk that they could be going over their limit without realising
Alex: How long has the tool been under maintenance?
CustomerService05: Just about 2 weeks back.
Alex: And so because of your issue I have to now have no service for two weeks?
CustomerService05: You should have monitored it from your end as well.
Alex: Why? It says in your terms of service that I will be informed by e-mail.
CustomerService05: I agree. But since we had a problem we could not send the notification. However, I am sorry, the restrictions cannot be removed.
Alex: Why can I not upgrade my account at a cost of almost double per month to an account which doesn’t have the Fair Use Policy? That’s the other thing I don’t get?
CustomerService05: At this moment you will not be able to do that . Once the restrictions have been removed, you can upgrade the service.
Alex: Why can’t they be removed? Do Demon not control their own servers?
CustomerService05: It is system managed and cannot be removed manually.
Alex: Why can’t I do that? Why would I want to upgrade my service when I am not in this situation?
CustomerService05: Please stop downloading for a couple of weeks and then later you can upgrade the service.
CustomerService05: If you place the reqwuest for the upgrade now the request will be rejected in the first place.
Alex: Are you not a company with a plan to make money? I don’t understand this?
Alex: I can not see the point of this restriction? I want a service, you tell me it is not available from you at any price?
Alex: So I suppose I shall be taking my service to another provider. This is a great shame!
Alex: I have been a customer of Demon for 14 years!
CustomerService05: I am sorry but we will have to follow the procedures.
Alex: I can’t have no internet for 2 weeks! It’s simply unacceptable!
CustomerService05: Try checking the usage frequently and once you find it is gone beyond 60 Gb then you can place the requst.
Alex: I don’t blame you. I know there are procedures in place for some reason. But I would like to speak to somebody who has some discretion.
Alex: I won’t want to get the new package then I need to get myself out of this situation today. That’s what is so frustrating.
CustomerService05: You can speak to our Technical Suppot team on 0845 272 0040 -3
CustomerService05: That is the option 3.
Alex: Would they be able to remove the restriction?
CustomerService05: They will not be able to remove the restrictions but I suggest that you speak to them.
Alex: Thank you I will call them now.
CustomerService05: Is there anything else I can help you with?
Alex: I don’t think so 😦
CustomerService05: Thank you for using Demon Text Chat. If there is anything further we can assist you with please feel free to return to the textchat service. We are always striving to improve our services, in order to do this we value your comments. You can leave feedback by completing our Customer Satisfaction Survey at http://www.demon.net/customersurvey/
CustomerService05 has left the session

I then called Technical Support who agreed that it didn’t make much sense and forwarded me to Customer Support on the phone (which was luckily quite quick – presumably because they aren’t taking any external calls because the line is down).

I tried to explain to them my one central point:

Demon has two services (I care about):

Demon HomeOffice 8000 which costs £21.99 per month and has a fair usage policy.


Demon Business 8000 which costs £46.99 per month and has no fair usage policy.

But Demon won’t let me upgrade to the account without a fair usage policy until I am back in compliance with the fair usage policy of the account I want to leave.

Demon? I WANT TO GIVE YOU MONEY. If you say no to insanely loyal customers who get themselves into this situation and instead of leaving immediately say, “I know I’ll pay over double instead” you have LOST YOUR MINDS. And you are clearly not a business!

I think I shall be going to Be. Not that it solves my problem for the next two weeks.

8 thoughts on “Why I will be leaving Demon Internet

  1. fourstar says:

    Utterly, totally nuts. But once they got bought by Cable & Wireless the writing was on the wall. It may have been the case that this would have happened before Thus rolled over but Demon used to have top notch ratings for Customer Service, so I think not.I really feel your pain. Not sure what to suggest. Jailbroken iPhone used as 3G modem?

  2. Steven Roy says:

    It’s like something from the 1970s. I have a deal with Orange that you may want to consider.£35 a month for a mobile phone contract gets you free internet with no limit whatever. In addition they give you fre phone calls 01 and 02 UK numbers 24/7 and free calls to 100 countries.Details at orange.co.ukI have had it for over a year and never had the slightest problem.

  3. Nick Ollivère says:

    Ah, demon internet. That reminds me of the good old days. I think my dad was still paying £15 for dial-up from them until recently he found he could get broadband for less. I for some reason am still with clara, paying £5 a month just for the email address because I like it.

  4. kris says:

    84gb is quite a lot.

  5. Paul Stancer says:

    Ah Demon. Devilish Customer service. This Kafta-esque exchange is similar to what I got.

    Simple answer to your problems. Ask for your MAC code there and then. Things will soon change. However, I took my MAC code, and after many calls from Demon to try and convince me otherwise I left anyway.

  6. t r bluck says:

    …. i’ve just called demon as I’ll be selling the house next month. apparantly I will have to keep my internet/broadband connection with them until feb next year as it’s “in the contract” as I won’t own the property, and I’ll not be buying another property in the UK they will be charging me for a service they will no longer be able to provide. Is this theft? seems that way to me. I’ve been with demon for 15 years, and should have dropped them years ago. T Bluck. (qq22 / qq22a)

  7. Nick says:

    I’m kind of amazed at the inconsistency of the Demon customer service.

    Strangely enough though, I just had a positive experience obtaining the MAC code from Demon (it just took one five minute phone call!). I thought it was going to be a nightmare after reading this. 🙂

    I spoke to a guy called Matt at Customer Loyalty department who generated and e-mailed me the MAC immediately while on the phone to him. So they can do it…
    They did have no options for me though as Demon won’t be unbundling this exchange for some time and the only LLU here is Zen (not even BT offer ADSL2+ yet). Maybe that’s why it was so easy…

  8. MattH says:


    Do you happen to have the number for the “Customer Loyalty Department”?

    Not having mach luck in trying to cancel (have tried the “Customer Services” No. (ends 666)),

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