Now that’s a coincidence

Tonight, while crossing London Bridge, I saw Jeremy Paxman wandering around. He looked quite disheveled (for him, I mean, he didn’t have a tie on for a start) and he was wandering about from left to right across the pavement. When he quickly walked back towards the edge I really did think “he’s going to jump!”.

Because he’s famous, I didn’t approach him immediately. I was always brought up to believe that celebrities have the strength of ten to fifteen men. So I looked around for help and that’s when I saw the film crew. Of course, if you were a celebrity and going to kill yourself you would definitely bring a film crew along. That’s just common sense.

So I left them to their own devices. I would have taken a picture but I didn’t want to risk Paxman threatening to overrule me.

One thought on “Now that’s a coincidence

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