Busy Lizzie (or indeed Alex)

So Hello.

It’s been a while hasn’t it.

Sorry about all of that – and everything.

I am, I believe, back though.

So yes. Work has been unbelievably busy of late. We have been so busy that we’ve had to go out and hire people to help.

And along the lines somewhere my work / life balance got quite a bit out of kilter. And I apologise to you my, hopefully, patient readers.

But yes. All things being equal, as the economists have it, I am back.

2 thoughts on “Busy Lizzie (or indeed Alex)

  1. Nick Ollivère says:

    Huzzah!You’re lucky because I was about to petition government to have gamboling continue.Nick,(hoping html tags work in comments)P.S. I can’t remember what those word verification things are called that computers can’t read, but mine today says ‘krispop’.

  2. kris says:

    HmmmmI have a t-shirt that says “Pop”, and I do like drinking pop, though as I’m not northern I don’t call it that.

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