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The Book with the Missing First Page is a collection of short stories published by me which is available on Amazon to buy.

You may be thinking, “But Alex I have already bought a copy”. I’m afraid it has come to the time to either convince a friend to buy a copy or to buy a copy for a friend. What better gift could you imagine than a copy of this book?*

If you don’t believe me then read this review that recently appeared on Amazon:

I’ve never much cared for the short story as a literary form. Just as you’re starting to like the characters or get into the plot, it’s all over. But Alex Andronov’s new volume may force me to reconsider.

The book is a smorgasbord of genres and styles, just as enjoyable to dip into at random as to read cover to cover. There is something for everyone – fantasy, sci-fi, mystery and Gothic horror, as well as more earthbound but no less striking vignettes of fragile relationships in domestic settings.

The collection hosts a cavalcade of unforgettably outlandish characters, from conniving elderly pirates and amorous nanobots to asthmatic cockney beagles, but there’s more going on than just absurdist silliness (although there is plenty of that). ‘Moon miners’ is a stunning environmental fable about a moon made of cheese being slowly devoured by its population of indolent mice. It’s the sort of thing I’d want my children to read (but be warned – there are some adult themes in this book).

There’s so much to admire in these stories – they show intelligence, Woody Allen-esque wit and a bubbling imagination, but also a great love of language. ‘Cross words to say’ is a tale of romance between two cryptic crossword fans, while ‘Soup’ will change the way you look at the alphabet forever.

The genuine highlights for me, though, were the less flamboyant moments. The title story, with its depiction of an old man recalling childhood traumas at the sight of a mutilated book, is painfully raw and moving. And ‘Left out in the cold’, which depicts a teacher freezing outside a door he mistakenly believes to be locked, is so rich in potential meanings that it’s haunted me for weeks.

You’ll finish this book thinking of just two words: more please.

*Please don’t post better gift suggestions in the comments, that’s just mean.

7 thoughts on “Buy The Book

  1. Sean says:

    I was about to buy your book for my friend, but alas Asda are selling a toaster for only £4.99, £4.99 FOR A TOASTER?!

  2. Alex Andronov says:

    But Sean a toaster can only nourish you if you have bread already. I hear Asda sell bread for more than £1,000 per loaf.Also most toasters are rubbish – a £4.99 one doubly so.Good stabbing though.

  3. Sean says:

    In that I foresee a future riddled with poptarts and ridiculously advanced toasting machines. After reading some of your books reviews and archives im gonna get myself a copy on payday! I need to get back into the habits of reading more, and short stories seem like a good start to keep me interested.And thanks!

  4. Alex Andronov says:

    Well Sean that’s very much appreciated.Perhaps my next review will be: “The book with the missing first page – NOW BETTER THAN TOASTERS!”

  5. kris says:

    Well, better than SOME toasters, specifically cheap nasty ones from Asda. To be fair, everything is better than anything from Asda, mind you.Have you seen those bags you can put sandwiches in so you can make toasties without a breville? That’s where the hot toaster action is these days.

  6. ifeelunusual says:

    Gosh. That is a bit exciting! Congratulations on publishing.

  7. Alex Andronov says:

    Thanks ifeelunusual

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