Photographic Memories

Katherine, as you might know, is a very keen photographer. Much of my holidays are spent standing waiting for photos to be taken. Of course, if you asked Katherine I’m sure she’d say that most of her holidays are spent sitting in cafés waiting for me to finish a writing a paragraph. Of course neither is really true.

When I’m standing waiting for a photograph to be taken I often get the chance to watch people’s reaction. It’s interesting to see. People are constantly trying to crane their neck round to see what she could possibly be taking a photo of. This is especially true here in the UK. On holiday people expect others to be taking photos. Here at home people are clearly quite confused that you might want to take a photo of a rubber band.

© Katherine Hall

Katherine has decided to get serious about her photography. And so she has launched a website and a blog. Truth be told at the moment the website pretty much just is the blog.

When people finish looking at the rubber band, or whatever it is, they often look up at me pleading with their eyes for an explanation. I smile encouragingly, but they never approach. Perhaps now I can direct them to the website.

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