friend of dromedaries

On the train the other night I heard two people chatting and I couldn’t help but earwig. The conversation was tumbling along until one of them said, “yeah but he’s a friend of dromedaries” except he didn’t obviously, he obviously said, “he’s a friend of Dorothy’s”. He was calling someone gay and using a particularly antiquated way of doing it. It’s a phrase that’s fallen out of favour somewhat mainly because it sounds quite gay to say it I imagine. At any rate now we can bring it bang up to date with my new misheard version. Now I’m not homophobic, I can’t understand why anyone’s afraid of their own house, so I will pose for the requisite picture.

But what would the lesbian version be? Clearly it would have to be, “loving the llama”.

As well as accusations of baldness and drug taking there have been repeated rumours that of late Britney has been loving the llama.

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