A close shave

It had been a way of hiding for so long. A way of fading into the background. And then, and then, something happened. What was it? 9/11? No it had already started before then. Suddenly the beard had started to make him stand out. He had tried to ignore it for a while. In fact he had been so good at ignoring it this was the first time he’d thought about it since the summer of 2000. He used to always think about it in the summer but his level of denial had become so strong that he hadn’t even considered it for the last few years.

But now. Now he knew. He had known Jen had hurt him by leaving. He had known that. He had known that it would hurt. But now… Now he was having to consider this. Now he was considering shaving his beard.

He tried his old stalwart in moments of crisis, “This beard is part of who you are, if people wont accept that then you shouldn’t accept them”.

He listened to the words reverberating around his head. But he knew that while he liked the beard he liked hiding more. And now that the beard was so obvious to people it was time for a change. That, and he fancied a shag.

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