Girl: Right?

Today the second half of two halves of a conversation. In case you didn’t yet see the first half then take a look at it first here: Girl: …yeah….

Guy: So yeah so she wouldn’t speak to me and neither would you.
Girl: Right?
Guy: Well then when I was looking for another person to go out with I suddenly realised that I didn’t know any women.
Girl: But surely there were lots of girls at uni?
Guy: Yeah but I don’t know them. What I realised was that I needed to have a female friend who would try and set me up with one of their friends.
Girl: Oh I see.
Guy: Yeah and so I didn’t have one of those so the whole thing ended up being a bit of a washout really.
Girl: I see.
Guy: And I keep falling asleep in the afternoon.
Girl: Falling asleep?
Guy: Yeah. I can’t get through an afternoon without falling asleep. It’s playing havoc with my course. I settle down for an afternoon of reading, and I suddenly wake up hours later asleep in the book.
Girl: Why don’t you play some loud music or something?
Guy: Oh I hadn’t thought of that.
Girl: I see.
Guy: Yeah. But I’ve joined an acapella jazz band.
Girl: Really?
Guy: Yeah. We’re going to be doing a tour of the west coast.
Girl: What? Cornwall?
Guy: No. The West coast of America. You know California.
Girl: Oh, I wasn’t sure
Guy: But everyone knows that when you say “west coast” of America.
Girl: Well that’s where your argument falls down.
Guy: How?
Girl: Well everyone can’t know that because I didn’t and I’m part of everyone.
Guy: Oh I see.
Girl: Yes.
Guy: Well this is my stop. So what are you going to do with your life?
Girl: I think I’m going to be a geography teacher.
Guy: Oh, that sounds good. I hope you enjoy that. Bye.
Girl: Bye.

One thought on “Girl: Right?

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