What we need is simply the word “forwent”.

I think we might need a new term. We have a very nice term which can be used in the following way “I will forgo that.”

It’s very useful. But the biggest problem is that it has no past tense. What happens when you carefully explain that you will forgo something but then after you have to explain what happened. What we need is simply the word “forwent”.

And if you say to me, hold your horses* there don’t you have a dictionary or something I shall simply say to you “No, I forwent that”.**

*I could say “I don’t own any horses”.
**Of course if I consulted a dictionary, which I have now, I would realise that “forwent” is a real word. What a shame. Now, some might say that I should just scrap this article. However I will simply let it stand as a kind of cautionary tale.

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