Girl: …yeah…

Two halves of a conversation today. This real life conversation that I overheard happened so close to me on the tube that I couldn’t help but overhear both sides. The first line suddenly piqued my attention and then I was hooked.

Girl: But, Adrian, once I found you in her room naked the second time I found it difficult to trust you.
Guy: I don’t really understand that. I explained, at the time the circumstances of my situation.
Girl: Yes you did. And I even kind of believed you. But I just thought that I didn’t really want my boyfriend having to come up with excuses to be naked in other people’s rooms.
Guy: I see.
Girl: I’m glad you do.
Guy: You know it came at a very bad time for me.
Girl: Really?
Guy: Yes. It turned out that Sam hated me.
Girl: Oh, but I thought you would have… you know…
Guy: Oh no. You see I really was just naked in her room those two times. And…
Girl: …yeah…
Guy: …well it turns out she didn’t take very kindly to that.
Girl: I see.
Guy: So did she.

Let me interrupt the conversation at this point. But please be in no doubt that the second half will return tomorrow:Girl: Right?

One thought on “Girl: …yeah…

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