Yeah. Working with Fartus.

“Do you remember Mr. Fantus from school?”
“Yeah. We used to call him Mr. Fartus.”
“That’s him.”
“Man he had the worst B.O.”
“He still has.”
“What do you mean, ‘still has?”
“I’m working with him now.”
“Really? Working with Fartus.”
“Yeah and it’s incredible. He’s still got the same old nasty suits, same old B.O. and bad breath.”
“Well what did you think? That he’d be better?”
“Well I don’t know. He just seems to have given up.”
“I suppose that’s what happens to everyone eventually though. You just stop caring.”
“But it seems like he was young when it happened. I mean I know he seemed ancient but he was only around 35 when he used to teach us.”
“Wow, really?”
“Yes. Really. And now here am I, 35, a teacher in the same school. I wonder if I’m ready to give up.”

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