Out of the 3 billion pages there is only 1 page that matches.

Now I’m not sure if all of the fair readers of the site will be aware of this phenomenon but it’s out there and so I feel it is time for me to document it.

I’m sure you’ve all used the search engine google from time to time. If you haven’t then you should, it’s very good. It has catalogued over 3 billion web pages. So when you do a search it’s normally likely that many pages come back for even quite complex criteria. If nothing comes back it usually means you’ve spelt something wrong. Google has a built in dictionary, and it will underline the words in your search if they are in the dictionary (the words are then links to their entries in dictionary.com).

The holy grail though, the thing that’s really unlikely, is that it will return just 1 page. Out of the 3 billion pages there is only 1 page that matches. This is called a googlewhack. The only conditions are that the words have to be in dictionary.com (they can’t therefore be names – or spelt incorrectly), and the page that comes up can’t be a word list (a word list might, for example, be a dictionary which listed every word on a page – luckily there isn’t a complete one anywhere or this wouldn’t work). And that’s pretty much it.

This very site is a googlewack. But obviously I can’t tell you what it is because if I were to write it in here then this page would be also return a result from google and then it wouldn’t be a googlewack anymore. But what I can do is show you a screenshot of the google page which has the words in it. The words in the box make the googlewack.

I just thought you’d like to know.

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