The Stephen Frys of this world, the Woody Allens.

We need a new word. It’s always a disaster when this happens because unless carefully planned the wrong one can be adopted with catastrophic effects.

The problem is with celebrities. There are two clear types. There are the people who are famous for being famous and there are the people who are famous for too many things. The Stephen Frys of this world, the Woody Allens. Now Mr Allen can be quickly defined elsewhere as he is an auteur. But with the others there is a problem. Most of them come from the world of comedy but… is Stephen Fry simply a comedian? He’s an Actor, Author, Director, writer (of scripts not just novels), comedian and general good egg. Now normally this question doesn’t come up but if “God” forbid something tragic were to happen. What would they announce? Can they get all of that in the headline? It’s not like the normal people where they say “the greatly respected actor Richard Harris died yesterday”. This is something different.

You see “celebrity” would work rather nicely in many way. Except for the fact that it sounds so cheap now.

There is one other possibility of course. Perhaps these people have received, through hard work and diligence, the biggest accolade of all, the unannounced name. Even her Royal Highness doesn’t get that. It will still be “Queen Elizabeth II has died”.

Her job description “the Queen” is right there in the announcement. She doesn’t have much hope of her death being announced any other way.

Although this does give me an idea, perhaps they will go with, “the well respected queen Stephen Fry”?

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