You won’t listen.

“My bedroom had a chandelier in it,” the old man announce all of a sudden, as though it made a point.
“Why is that relevant?”
“It just is.”
“Because I’ve earned the right to say my peace.”
“But it’s so annoying.”
“You are just incredibly annoying.”
“If only you listened to me perhaps you’d learn something.”
“Granddad, Honestly, we do nothing but listen to you day in and day out.”
“You don’t listen to me. You hear me, as a drone or something but you are able to completely ignore you.”
“We don’t.”
“You do! This is the first time in years that we’ve actually spoken ‘to’ each other rather than ‘at’ each other.”
“I’m not sure that’s true.”
“It is. You won’t listen. And usually I think that I deserve to be listened to. But today I thought of something.”
“I never listened to my grandfather either, so I don’t see why I should expect you to do something I never did.”

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