Steve Shaw sat on a sea saw.

Steve Shaw sat on a sea saw. He was waiting for something to happen. The swing moved slowly in the light breeze.

One of the movable pieces of plastic on a spoke on his bike slid down and startled him.

He needed to be calm. He consciously thought about lowering his heart rate.

A big boy came into the playground. He looked angry and cross.

“Forget being cool” said every sinew. But he wasn’t that kid anymore. He was Steve Shaw. He couldn’t forget to be cool. He just was cool.

The kid came over to him.

“What you got?”
“What? You? Got?”

“This!” said Steve. And with that he ran up the length of the sea saw. As he reached the other side it tilted and the big kid was clocked right in the chin with the rising seat.

“Right,” said Steve, “that’s sorted that”. And with that he walked to his bike and, you guessed it, rode off into the sunset.

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