Yasser Zoom Zoom Zoom Arafat

When the zoom zoom zoom adverts first appeared I disliked them because they were annoying and silly (and untrue when I was a little kid I did not want to drive a big flashy car I wanted to be one of those people who blow leaves off of the streets – they don’t do this in England so I had to change careers – and clearly those people who blow leaves off of the street could not afford a big flashy cars I think at the time I probably had aspirations to own a Yugo or perhaps my very own garbage truck – I still do).

But now the adverts are annoying because it is almost impossible to not say zoom zoom zoom when the advert comes on. This tends to loose you all credibility in any argument. The other day the News BONG at 10 BONG was on and I was watching it, during the ad break I was making a very serious point about the nature of the middle east crisis but sadly due to that advert coming on the tv I had to say “Yasser Zoom Zoom Zoom Arafat” which lost me all credibility. However now I think about it it would probably be a good name for him.

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