Steam can opener

do you say pepper mill or pepper grinder?

Am I right in thinking that it’s exclusively grinder here?

Or is it just pepper now? As in “can you pass the pepper”?

Because you might say “can you pass the sugar” and mean pass the “sugar bowl” or “bag of sugar” etc. but if you said where’s the sugar you would probably say “in that bowl over there” rather than just it’s “over there” which is what would be said with the pepper I guess.

On the can opener front: There are two schools of thought here aren’t there. One is the just cut off the top 5 millimetres of the can (new fangled way) vs. cut out the middle of the top of the can (old fashioned way).

I personally like the new fangled way because you don’t have to touch the potentially life threatening bit of tin (maybe it isn’t life threatening to people like you but you aren’t as clumsy as me). But the old fashioned way is less dangerous looking.

It’s kind of like this if you had to touch them both then the old method would be less likely to kill you but the new method means you don’t have to touch them thus reducing the danger. But now there is a new threat! Recycling. For the past 3 years or so I’ve been doing my bit which means I have to manhandle the cans again. I haven’t been bothered to down(up)grade my can opener so I take my life in to my hands every day for the sake of recycling. Which makes me very brave indeed.

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