Gwen and the rocket

Gwen, Nina and Elephant decided to go on an adventure in their rocket but they didn’t know where to go.

“Why don’t we go and visit Rabbit?” asked Nina.
“Yes,” said Gwen, “we haven’t seen him for ages.”
“I wonder if he has any carrots? I quite like carrots sometimes,” said Elephant.
“Ooooh, me too,” said Nina.
“There won’t be any, I’m afraid,” said Gwen, “it’s time for planting carrots, not picking them.”
“Maybe we’ll be able to plant some,” said Nina.

They all got into the rocket and blasted off up into the sky. Whooooosh. It didn’t actually take that long to get to rabbit’s house but it had been a while since they had been in the rocket and they decided to do a couple of extra loop-the-loops so they could whooosh around a bit more. Every time the rocket went upside down they kept all laughing and giggling. It was so much fun.

Eventually they decided to land in Rabbit’s garden. Luckily he was already there because the rocket landed upside down and he had to help them turn it the right way up. The last time they had visited him, he’d been out and they had had to wait for him.

“Hello everyone,” said Rabbit.
“Hello,” said Gwen.
“Hello,” said Elephant.
“Hi,” said Nina.
“What are you up to today Rabbit?” asked Gwen.
“I’m planting carrots in the garden today,” said Rabbit.

Elephant remembered what Gwen had said earlier about it not being a time to pick carrots, but thought he’d better check anyway, just in case. “Rabbit,” Elephant started to say, but before he could get his question out, Rabbit interrupted him.

“And sorry Elephant, I don’t have any carrots, I wish I did but I don’t, that’s why I’m planting more.”
“Not to worry,” said Elephant, “I just wanted to check.”
“You can have this banana I bought at the shop if you like though,” said Rabbit.
“Oh thanks,” said Elephant.

While Elephant started eating the banana, Nina and Gwen were examining Rabbit’s tools: he had a small fork, a trowel (which is a small kind of spade) and a dibber (which is a pointy stick for making holes in the ground to put seeds in).

“Oh dear, that’s a shame,” said Nina.
“What’s a shame?” asked Gwen.
“Well,” said Nina, “the shame is that there are four of us, Elephant, one, Rabbit, two, Gwen, three, and me, four. But there are only three tools: the fork, one, the trowel, two, and the dibber, three”
“Oh dear,” said Gwen, “that is a shame.”
“Yes it is,” agreed Rabbit, “especially as I really really need one more tool. I really really need a watering can but I don’t have one, my old one broke.”
“Don’t worry,” said Elephant who had just finished his banana, “why doesn’t Rabbit use the fork to turn the soil, Nina use the dibber to put the seeds in, and Gwen use the trowel to put the new soil on top?”
“But what will you do,” asked Rabbit?
“I’ll be the watering can! My trunk can help carry the water from the waterbutt over there.”

And so they did. Rabbit used the fork to turn the soil, Nina used the dibber to put the seeds in, Gwen used the trowel to put the new soil on top, and Elephant used his trunk to help carry the water from the waterbutt and sprayed it on top.

After all the carrot seeds were planted, it was time to say goodbye and go back in the rocket and head home.

Once they got home they told Daddy about everything they had done and ate their dinner which was fish fingers, peas and carrots. And they even had carrot cake for pudding.

After pudding it was time to go straight upstairs to brush their teeth, get in to bed and fall fast asleep… Well after a few stories from Mummy.

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