Monkey to the rescue

Once upon a time Monkey was walking along in the treetops when he heard a little noise going “help help”.

‘Who could that be?’ thought Monkey.

Monkey walked towards where the help sound was coming from and he called out “who is it?”.
“It’s me porcupine, I’m completely stuck up here in this high tree, which is as tall as Daddy and I’m only a teeny tiny baby porcupine so I don’t know what to do.”

When monkey got close he saw the porcupine, and the porcupine suddenly showed monkey all of its spines – which are a kind of spike that the porcupine has on its body.

Once monkey saw the spines he said, “oh dear, I would like to help you, but I don’t think I can pick you up if you are that spiky”.

The porcupine said, “Don’t worry, you can pick me up on the bottom where it’s soft.”
“Oh,” said Monkey, “I didn’t know you had any bit where you weren’t spiky.”
“Well,” said the porcupine, “let me show you,” and she rolled up into a ball and showed Monkey her tummy where it was nice and soft.

Then Monkey knew exactly what to do and picked her up and carried her down to the ground. As soon as they got to the ground he saw nine porcupines – the whole family. They were looking quite worried because their baby had gone missing. But luckily Monkey had found her.

Once everyone was back together, everyone was really really happy and it was time for them all to go home.

The end.

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