Stephie journal – Day 14

It’s a time of furious action at the magazine as we prepare to go to the presses. Despite all the swirling nonsense of life, or maybe because of it, it’s somewhat pleasant to be forced to concentrate on something – and work may as well be it.

Decisions must be made, text reviewed and rejected. I’ve had to be a bit unpopular this issue as I’m in the gloriously lucky position of rejecting stuff that’s excellent because we have so much good material. It’s especially tough on the rejectees though. I encourage them back for the next issue when I’m bound to be about a quarter short.

It always seems to go that way feast or famine. Occasionally I wonder if it’s my fault, do I subconsciously lower the bar sometimes just to make my life easier – but I know the truth. I do move the bar sometimes just to fill an issue but I always do it consciously and always immediately regret it. Those poor pieces haunt me still and I know which issues they lie within.

No such fear today this issue is a succulent peach even the advertising, which thankfully doesn’t contain anything as dull as Gosports fixings, is bright and interesting.

Hard good work, quite satisfying.


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