Stephie journal – Day 13

So you might have noticed that I didn’t talk about the lunch I had with Alison.

I also noticed, not pleased with what’s happened there, and clearly I’ve not been willing to talk about it. She’s very confused with what’s happening to her, and she’s now convinced herself that she’s unsure about Anthony. She’s not convinced about Roger either, as it happens, but Roger has opened her eyes about some of Anthony’s shortcomings.

I don’t know what to do. I’m supposed to be jumping into a waiting Cessna with bunting flowing out of the back declaring that her decision to question her relationship with Anthony is the greatest thing since the ability to slice bread was selected in preference to gnawing on lumps of loaf.

I was so sure that he was a bad influence, but now I wonder if I was acting in her best interest or mine? Simon-from-the-office would know but I’m not prepared to bring it up.

I want her to be happy, that’s clear in my mind. Surely one of the key principles of being happy is the element of self determination, and my meddling is messing with that. Sometimes there are special circs though, and I decided that this was one. We’re not talking rational decision making, we’re asking if, at 26, it’s a bit early to be settling.

I went to work, sulked and mithered.


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