Stephie journal – Day 8

I woke on the Wednesday and got ready to go in early. I have a routine, such as it is, and I always stick to it – except when I don’t. What I mean is that the actively getting ready portion takes about the exact same time every day. I do sometimes shift things around by either determining to go in early, or late, or just by finishing my book before heading in. I feel like I can justify this as having a widely read editor is crucial for, said editor, to be proficient in cancelling your best work.

Now I don’t mind moving my start time around if need be, but I do not take kindly to having my start time moved for me. This morning the cab was delayed when a man, quite crazed, was running in the middle of the road. The cars and cabs had to stop just to avoid running him down (although my driver was keener to run him down and be done with it – I was a steadying hand).

When I eventually arrived at the office my meeting had started without me. I spent the whole day being physically 5 minutes late to everything but feeling about 10 minutes late. Not helpful at all.

The day had gone so badly I decided to leave early. As my grandfather said, “you should never be late twice in the same day”.


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