What’s in my fridge

The magazine was short of a feature this week so they asked me to contribute with my answers to the following questions: What’s in my fridge, What’s in my freezer, What’s my favourite meal, and what’s a food I hate.

What’s in my fridge?

Gave Claude a bit of a shock today when I suggested I wanted to see what was going on in the fridge. He started to feel upset that I was suggesting he couldn’t anticipate my every need, but he started to calm down when he realised that it was for your benefit not his. So here it is: 3 bottles dom perignon, 1 jar caviar, salted and unsalted butter ready to be put out. Salmon (smoked), ham ready to be carved, leftover beef from Sunday, some salad leaves and some radishes. Milk, for guests, can’t abide it myself and a selection of cheeses from Fortenhams which need eating by the smell. A half dozen eggs sit on the top shelf next to some home made raspberry jam from when I got carried away last year.

Not sure we have a freezer.

My favourite meal

My favourite meal is actually scrambled eggs on toast. I get to go out to so many lavish wonderful meals, each lovely in its way, but I don’t want to eat much and it makes me feel guilty to waste it. Much nicer to come home of an evening and have something simple. Scrambled egg on toast fits, bit of pepper. Maybe, just maybe, some cress.

A food I hate

Never have been a particular fan of bacon. Not sure why, just never have been. Actually that’s a lie, I know exactly why. Once when I was a girl I was called with an aunt to the vets as one of her dogs needed an operation. They needed to cauterise the wound and the smell of that burning dog reminded me of bacon. I can eat it, can eat anything if decorum finds it necessary but I’m not a fan.


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