Swanky Swankersons

I’ve come up with a business idea. The business will be called Swanky Swankersons. It will be located right up there in Central ‘That London’. When you arrive at the concierge desk, they check your reservation and that you’ve already paid for entry. The concierge then asks you to follow him to a lounge area. On your way, you walk through an area where we waft a seasonal smell at you, be it freshly-cut grass in spring or aromatic burning logs in winter.

In the lounge area, you are asked to sit in a leather armchair. You sit here for ten minutes. Then the concierge is back and asks you to take the elevator to the first floor. A completely glass elevator opens at your touch and the doors swish as you enter the lift. When you arrive at the top floor, you realise that there is only a viewing platform which has attached to it a really long escalator for you to come back down.

At the bottom of the escalator you get your shoes polished and then you are sent on your way into the night. If, at any time, you ask what on earth is going on, then you get barred.

I think it might catch on.

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