What’s the longest detour you’ve ever taken?

This is the continuing series of questions for you in the comments, here’s how it works. I’ll ask you a question, and you either answer in the comments or on your own blog and drop a link to the post.


When I was about 14 I went, with my family, on holiday to the south of France. The only problem with this plan was that there was enourmous strike and blockade of the roads going on at the time we were supposed to be travelling. We decided that instead of trying to travel through the madness or delaying our trip we would attempt to drive around the problem.

It’s fair to say that you never really know how large something is until you try and drive around it. Belgium, Luxemborg, Switzerland, Germany, Italy were all visited. They all had different currencies and toll roads. The trip took two days about 14 hours of drving on day one and 20 hours on the second day. The difference in miles was probably around (1,233 – 821) = 412 but the important problem was that so many people were trying it too that traffic was still terrible even in these other countries.

So what’s the longest detour you’ve ever taken?

4 thoughts on “What’s the longest detour you’ve ever taken?

  1. Trevor Hills says:

    But I bet the company on the trip was outstanding? 🙂

    Regards T

  2. Igor says:

    The company on the trip was indeed outstanding even though they had a faster car…

  3. baggio says:

    can’t quite compete with that, but croydon to haslemere via hastings was an interesting trip…

  4. Bassano says:

    At the end of a sabbatical spent mostly in Asia & Australia, we decided to come home via LA rather than the usual Bangkok/Singapore route. Partly so we could acheive circumnavigation, does that count?

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