Watching the birds

So here’s a weird thing. A few years ago the school my mum was working at decided that it wanted to get rid of its bird collection. Its collection of dead birds in a box. Birds that had been stuffed. But apparently you can’t sell these birds because at least one of them was rare and of course the sale of them would encourage people to kill them to sell them. The school didn’t know what to do because if nobody wanted them they would have to just throw them away. And somehow throwing them away would be a far worse crime against these dead birds.

Well you can imagine where this is going I ended up with the birds and since I have owned them I haven’t really known what to do with them. It’s make or break time for the birds so they are currently sitting in our living room on display. I think I quite like them… but I can’t be trusted. Would you be freaked out if you came to visit?

6 thoughts on “Watching the birds

  1. Christine says:

    I think I would be quite freaked out by that. I am quite freaked out just looking at the second picture.

    However, I’m not a fan of the birds, even when they’re alive. I blame the film.

  2. kris says:

    The pictures don’t display here, so I’m not freaked out by them. I probably will be freaked out when I see them.

    Better dead than alive though, with birds, deffo.

  3. baggio says:

    what have we here then…

    nuthatch, great spotted & green woodpeckers, hawfinch (never seen one of these…), lark of some sort, bullfinch, kingfisher, kestrel, and are those dippers at the bottom?

    you should keep them, they’d make a great score on the RSPB’s big garden birdwatch thing, and you wouldn’t even have to get up off the sofa or look out the window… not sure you see all of those round sarf lahndan tho…

    maybe you could rearrange them into some humourous tableau, like the squirrels taking tea or summat…

  4. I wonder if the hawfinch is the thing that’s causes it to be illegal to sell?

  5. baggio says:

    well, as your attorney…

    seems that if you can prove it was mounted before 1/06/1947 you’re fine, otherwise you might need a license to sell it… the kingfisher is protected under schedule 1 of the wildlife and countryside act, but i don’t think you can trade freely in the others either.

    we used to have some stuffed birds of a similar nature kicking around the art dept at our school, they lent a little atmosphere to the studio…

    i rather like them, hope you decide to keep them. if nothing else, stick them in the loft and donate them to the museum of the future so that kids can learn what birds were…

  6. Bassano says:

    Can you give them away as a prize?
    Can’t say it bothers me but some would find it a bit freaky

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