Half Birthdays

I’m sure that you all have problems remembering birthdays and anniversaries. It’s a very common problem. In fact, I’m pretty sure everyone is bad at it, we just don’t like to admit to it. It’s the same problem with people’s names. It’s easier to work around the problem with birthdays because you can always write them down somewhere.

I guess the problem comes from the asymmetric situation. We have to remember lots of events that aren’t that important to us, but at the moment that something goes wrong, the date we’ve forgotten is really important to somebody else.

A Dutch friend of mine told me that the situation for them is even more complicated. It’s hard enough remembering you anniversary, but in Holland the first big wedding anniversary used to be 25 years, but now it is common to celebrate the half of that anniversary. So you celebrate 12 and a half years after you marry. So it’s on the wrong side of the year. Now that’s got to be hard to remember.

My father and I have been talking for a while about the fact that this year is our half birthday.

The concept is simple. On what day are you exactly half the age of the other person?

For my father and I, the date when this occurs is today! I took him out to dinner to celebrate.

I have made a widget so that you can work out when yours is: http://aaserver.co.uk/widgets/halfage.html Let me know in the comments when yours are.

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