Creative Admin

There are some pieces of admin you pretty much have to do to be creative. Things that have nothing to do with the actual creativity. They are things like posting that blog post you’ve written, buying more ink etc.

I vaguely talked about this in a recent article ‘Start’. I warned against creating a lavish revision timetable. It’s good to have a plan, but you need to ensure that you don’t turn the act of deciding what to do into an easier option than doing something.

I assume the reason we all have tendencies towards this is that the plan is never published. That’s not the point of the plan. So it’s safe.

There is a secondary problem and I hesitate to mention it. Only think this is relevant to you if you have already created something. Okay, you are already known for creating stuff pretty successfully. Only then is this relevant, otherwise forget it.

I have spent such a long time getting myself away from the crippling habit of finding the correct pen to write with. Sitting in the right coffee shop. I have forced myself to just create. And I think I can do that pretty effectively. But the problem comes that now, from time to time, occasionally, I need to be thoughtful and long-term. I need to sit and think.

I am writing this instead of working on my third draft of my novel. I’m so turned around that I procrastinate by being creative. Procrastination doesn’t go away, I guess.

But what I need to do this week is write a plan for how the edit will work. I need to think about the book as a whole, rather than diving in and “editing a certain amount of pages per day”. It’s not possible. That’s not what is needed.

But I’ve been running from that kind of creative thinking for 10 years because that’s the kind of thing that stops you from having something to edit. You spend so long planning you forget to write anything. And now I have to change.

I wish I had a tip for now…

2 thoughts on “Creative Admin

  1. Christine says:

    I suppose the tip for now would be:

    START… planning.

  2. Very good point Christine

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