Ten Step Stories

What do you do when you really liked those ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ stories, but nobody seems to be doing them any more? Well, if you are Christine Blachford, then you make a modern version of the same thing. In Christine’s version, you get to read a part of the story and vote on what is going to happen next. Then Christine goes and writes the next part, based on the voting.

The first story is based on F1 and is here. Check it out fiction fans.

Christine and I seem to be on some kind of cultural exchange program. She’s been teaching me the way of the podcast and she blames me for the publishing of her story. To see her side of the story, check out her article on the subject here.

For my part, I am glad to see another writer writing out in the open and I am really loving the interactive nature of the choices. The interesting thing is that I like it despite never agreeing with the popular vote. I wonder what that says about my writing choices?

One thought on “Ten Step Stories

  1. mr. c. says:

    Christine and I seem to be on some kind of cultural exchange program


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