The Empty Vessel – Part 4

This is the final part of a four part continuing story on Gamboling. Click here to read part 1, part 2 and part 3. And now for the final part of “The Empty Vessel”.

Kurt was crawling. The water level hadn’t changed at all. He was moving but hadn’t heard or seen anything change. Every part of his body was tired and there didn’t seem to be a way out of here. The only option seemed to keep going.

In the distance, Kurt saw a glint of something? A shape? Kurt takes the torch out of his mouth and points it ahead. Something at the top? A hatch?

Kurt puts the torch back in his mouth and carries on crawling. Maybe it is something. He hoped it wasn’t his imagination. He wants to stop and point the torch at it to see what it is. But whenever he stops, he decides to not look and heads towards it blind.

But it wasn’t quite blind. One wall bright, the other black. Above him he sees a slight glint of metal. A wheel handle. He stops crawling and lies on his back and pushes himself with his legs into position. He starts turning the wheel from underneath. It’s jammed hard, but after giving it a forceful shove, he gets it moving slowly. Kurt realises that he doesn’t want to be under the hatch when he gets it open. He slides back, turns the handle. The door flies open, water gushing out into the tunnel. Kurt manages to hang on to the handle. The water is lifting him clean into the middle of the tunnel. His head is being hit from top to bottom

The nurse is back, but with two other men. One looks like a doctor, all in white. The other looks to be a bodyguard, he is wearing a black suit.

The black suit walks over to Kurt and removes his gag.

Kurt knows they’ll be expecting him to blurt something out so he resists the temptation. Best to keep them wanting more from him.

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