Describe the internet in 140 characters?

This is the second of my series of questions for you in the comments, so let me introduce the idea. I’ll ask you a question, like today’s, “Describe the internet in 140 characters?” and you either answer in the comments, or on your own blog and drop a link to the post. So that’s the theory, let’s kick it off…


Describe the internet in 140 characters.

Here’s my answer:

It’s the greatest confluence of communication, knowledge, power, democracy, crime and hope we have ever seen. It’s the world in a nutshell.

So how would you describe the internet in 140 characters or fewer (check with twitter on character count)?

10 thoughts on “Describe the internet in 140 characters?

  1. LukehMuse says:

    Ooh it's like a mini exam!!"Without the internet,we'd all be zombies roaming about with no purpose in life, and we would all be watching daytime TV. Thank you Internet!"

  2. Alex Andronov says:

    @Lukeh 🙂

  3. Amy says:

    my second home. sometimes almost my first.

  4. Nick Ollivère says:

    'The opportunity for a perfect expression of what is best in humanity overwhelmed by viruses and porn'(sorry for the pessimism, I don't think I slept well)

  5. Alianora La Canta says:

    A virtual, partial but strangely accurate re-creation of affluent society, facilitating communication, (dis)information, work and fun.

  6. Janna says:

    The best and the worst of humanity. Soul destroying and life enhancing in equal measures.

  7. kris says:

    Stuff, all linked up, round the world. Some good stuff, some bad stuff. But all stuff. One hundred and forty characters sure is lots, innit?

  8. Steven Roy says:

    The internet is proof Einstein was wrong. It sucks up time. I sit in front of a computer and hours disappear. Someone is stockpiling time.

  9. Christine says:

    I know I am late on this, but I am catching up (sorry Alex):The internet knows everything and it is growing all the time. It's a way to communicate, learn and laugh and I couldn't survive without it.

  10. Alex Andronov says:

    Don't be sorry. Hopefully the question is still a valid one whenever anyone gets to this page.

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