Where can I go from here?

As we’ve been talking about my mythical travel planning website idea, we’ve had a couple of pieces of feedback.

First my friend Rich, hot on the heels of his converter of the London BBC Weather site for degrees Andronov has made an implementation of the distance to hot problem mentioned in this post last week. It’s really nice and, of course, it shows the temperatures in degrees Andronov as well. Check it out here: http://andronov.rjmd.eu/holiday/

Second, my father has mentioned another really simple thing that is almost impossible to do. He recently wanted to travel somewhere as a quick weekend break and because he wanted it to be easy he wanted to be able to travel from his closest airport. So all he needed was a list of all of the places you could fly to from that airport.

This is something that you can’t get hold of. You could go to an airport website and say, “show me all flights from Birmingham International to Prague” and see if any flights come up. And then repeat the search with, “show me all flights from Birmingham International to Copenhagen” and build up a list that way. But that seems a really inefficient way of doing this.

As I said in my last post. I keep finding different ways that I want to be able to get to the data.

How many top notch restaurants are there in the city? How likely is it to rain? How many museums are there? How many clubs? How hot is it? Are there public beaches? How far away is it? Is it available from my local airport? How much is it?

Each of us has different mechanisms to decide how we go on holiday. We all go through a process. And that’s what I want to simplify here. I want to put all those factors in order of importance to me and then have the destinations which are most likely to work to bubble to the top. So at the moment I want to get some winter sun. I want to go somewhere on holiday in February which is not too far away and has some nice restaurants and a few museums. So say that list above was the complete set of questions, I would put them in order of importance on the screen of my mythical website like this:

Most Important
1 – In February
2 – Warmer than [25 degrees C]
3 – Closer than [Not set – order by this factor]
4 – More than [2] top notch restaurants
5 – More than [3] museums
6 – Less than [£xxxx can’t think of a good number to put in here]
Least Important

So what it would do is bring me back a list ordered in bands. Band 1 would be places that match every criteria ordered by distance from the UK. Band 2 would be places that match the first 5 criteria, but cost more than the limit price, etc.

I think that would be a really neat way of helping me decide where to go. But what other criteria can you think of? Which other questions do you have when you are deciding where to go?

9 thoughts on “Where can I go from here?

  1. Nick Ollivère says:

    I have to preface my next comment by saying that I completely agree with you: I want to know lots of information about a place before I go there. However, isn't one of the reasons we go on holiday that we want to find new things, have new experiences. In other words, we want to be out of control, and not know something. So, your idea is good in one way, but then counter-intuitive in another.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Most people, I think, would also have some kind of idea of where they want to go. Not sure that people would be prepared to go just anywhere on condition it was above 25 C…

  3. Alex Andronov says:

    Well Anoymous that's the point. I want to see a list of places which have certain things I think are important. And once I have seen the list I will decide.I wouldn't just go to whatever the top place was. I can imagine that you might look at the list and think, actually I don't really want to go to any of those places. I'd rather go somewhere cooler if those are my only options.I just want to inform my decision.

  4. Turkey Machine says:

    My parents did a lot of research before they went to Canada. The amount of research they did was staggering, such that if there was an index like you mentioned for places to visit FROM a particular airport it would no doubt get a lot of hits.Hey, sounds like a good business idea Giggles. You want in? 😀

  5. Pat W says:

    Great idea. It would also be useful for business flyers too when there is a choice of airports near to your start or destination.

  6. kris says:

    Oh. That didn't work so well. Anyway, I think every airport in the UK has a website, on which you can find out where you can fly to from it.If that makes any sense to anyone.

  7. Igor says:

    Two things:1. The airport web sites that show destinations are really pretty horrible.2. I'm surprised that your second criteria was expressed in degrees Celcius… Degrees Andronov surely.

  8. Nick says:

    Ironicly i may be working on such a website, which will show you all direct destinations and possibly the flying time from a given airport.Unfortunaly it wont be going live for a few months, and it will be for the US. But you can be assured that at least part of your problem will be solved for part of the world!

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