Paris Hilton

I may as well jump on the bandwagon here of writing articles about how everyone else is writing articles about Paris Hilton. The funniest thing is the unknowingness that these articles have. Basically the gutter press have the balls to go and report the incident directly. The mainstream press want to talk about it but know they can’t directly because even they know it’s not really news. So what they instead do is talk knowingly about how everyone else is talking about it – seemingly ignoring the fact that they are part of everyone. And I’d like to make it clear at this point that I know I am part of everyone as well, but the simple fact that I acknowledge it makes me at least slightly different than the others.

Anyway even though she’s as dozy as anything I can’t help but feel she probably doesn’t deserve the treatment she’s getting. She was pretty much hamstrung from the moment her parents named her. I mean surely they realised that “Paris Hilton” is the name of one of their own hotels (well “Hilton Paris” is at any rate). Surely they must have known? And in case you don’t believe me here’s the link. Paris Hilton has 15 meeting rooms, an Executive Lounge, a business centre and wireless internet access.

Surely her parents should have been stopped at the stage that they tried to name her after a hotel? Or maybe they are just as stupid as she is? I mean old Conrad Hilton didn’t want to let his family have access to his Hotel Empire. Maybe this was the reason? He tried to donate the whole empire to the Catholic church but after his death his will was contested and overturned.

He was pretty kooky himself though, his final words on his deathbed were, “Please keep the shower curtain inside the tub”.

For a long time, I suppose, it has been imagined that this would be the greatest contribution of the Hilton family to the world. A comedy quote on his deathbed. But Paris has finally gazumped him by actually making an even more amazing quote this week. And it is this quote that I leave you with:

“In the future, I plan on taking more of an active role in the decisions I make”

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