Overheard on the Train

You totally shouldn’t. Boys have such double standards. You just can’t. I mean one of my friends was talking to one of them and she’s already in a relationship so she just didn’t see her as a threat. And he was saying that basically girls split into girlfriend wives as like one group and sort of good time girls as the other. And they decide so quick you know. She was saying that if they, sleep with them on the first night then they’re like a good time girl and so totally not a girlfriend wife. So what are you going to tell him. Good because I think you’re making the right choice because that will make you seem more girlfriend wife. You want him to be reassured like that. I mean you don’t want his mind going like totally there immediately, you know, like you won’t be any fun or something. But you want to have him reassured by it, you know. Where are you meeting him? Oooh it can be hard to say no at his place. And it also means no kiss. No, yeah, no kiss. Because if you kiss you kiss on the couch at his place it’ll all go off and that might be fun but no girlfriend wife. So change the venue make it somewhere you can kiss at the end. Keeps it fun but not too fun. But yeah, I mean I think you should go out with him. I mean you know I don’t like him, but do you need the practice.

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