Pirates! – The Bunby Bungle – Part 4

[This is Part 4 of 4 in Pirates!: The Bunby Bungle. If you’re interested then please read Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 first.]

As Marshall walked back downstairs he found it hard to keep his legs even close together. He’d been given a workout. He was 60 for christsakes, not a good time to discover the wonders of the foursome. He just wished he’d been able to afford the foursome when he was twenty years younger. Although then he hadn’t had to pay for exciting sex.

This was the second time he’d though of Margaret tonight. She would understand. She always had. When they made love it was very different than the sex he had had tonight. Making love was making love a very different thing.

He walked back into the bar, and he turned the stairs. There was nobody behind the bar at this point which was exactly what Marshall had been expecting. He walked back there and poured himself a drink. He left the now open bottle on the counter as an alibi in case he was caught. And then with a simple and practiced motion he opened the till and emptied it into a bag he’d been carrying in his pocket. There was a safe. He knew the combination by now and he opened that as well. Tight little bundles of money lying in the safe, he picked them up and put them inside his coat lining. He now had it all.

He exited the bar, walked round the corner, shouted at Bunby, “How’s it going fella!”

The only problem, Marshall realised later, was that he had thought Bunby must be somebody who needed the wool pulling over his eyes. Whereas Bunby had completely separately and independently been thinking of taking Tawnies. So out of his overcoat he pulled a shotgun, pointed it at the ceiling and yelled, “I’m going to fuckin’ rob you.”

This Marshall thought was a shame. But there was only one way out. And instead of the quiet exit he had planned it was time to make the situation abundantly clear.

And with this thought, Marshall pulled out a gun of his own and fired it at Bunby killing him dead. Luckily people were quickly convinced Marshall was a hero and he was allowed to walk off of the crime scene before the police arrived and noticed that the bar didn’t have any money in it just one day shy of a month of running the most successful gambling den on the islands.

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