Why go to the theatre?

Many people see the theatre as the height of bourgeois living, okay so maybe they see the opera or ballet as the height, but theatre is certainly up there.

There does however seem to have been an important change going on in London because recently football, the working class game, has become more expensive to attend than theatre.

Theatre, like sport, is live. And perhaps most importantly theatre attunes your senses in the same way that sport does when you are there. You concentrate much more on the mechanics of the production as well as the story in the theatre whereas if you’re watching a movie it can be easy to get lost in the film.

Now some might say that it is this getting lost within the film that makes film superior to theatre and there almost certainly is some truth in that. But the knowledge that all of this is being done in front of you for real, without and tricky shots of funny edits more than makes up for it. I think you must experience both to appreciate either.

But the question remains, if it’s cheaper to go to the theatre than it is to go to football doesn’t this mean that theatre can no longer just be for the elite? Or perhaps it is the other way around and actually it is simply that Chelsea and Arsenal are no longer real football clubs? Unlike, for example, AFC Wimbledon.

One thought on “Why go to the theatre?

  1. Nick Ollivère says:

    Is bourgeois a height? I see it as a pretended height, but actually a middle ground. I guess the problem is that it’s a specifically French concept which doesn’t translate perfectly into English. Anyway, you can watch football on TV, is it the same watching theatre on TV? I don’t think so. There’s a slight difference there. Also, the intention between the two is different. In theatre, people are pretending for you. In football, people are trying their hardest to be themselves, to be the best that they can.I’m not sure what my point is. I’ve had too much Chardonnay. I don’t think theatre was ever for the elite – or it only has been for a very short period. Going to see musicals is not elite, but is it theatre?As for getting lost in theatre: what is great is that cinema encompasses both films and movies, whereas the theatre can really only do ‘film’, if you see what I mean.

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