My fingers

My fingers tighten around some tiny something. A rock? A ledge? Whatever it is it’s stopped me from falling. My legs are dangling I look down at them, trying desperately not to look any further down and I do my legs sway slightly away from the rocks. I try and see some spot they can reach. Some spot I can step on to to lift me up. But there isn’t anything. Or at least I can’t see anything. The rock seems to curve away from me right under my pelvis.

I try to curl around it. To wrap myself closer to the rock. But no. Nothing. My feet still don’t touch anything.

My fingers are feeling… Tired. No not tired they be starting to feel harder like they are set into to rock. But something about this change also seems to have made them feel very brittle.

I try to swing my legs closer to the rock one last time. And suddenly around my ankles I feel something holding on to them. Something is holding on to them both. And just then I feel a yank. Whatever it is is trying to pull me off the mountain by my ankles. My brittle fingers almost can’t take it anymore. Yank.

I spin through the air pivoting on my ankles which are being held tight. And suddenly I’m approaching the rock face again this time upside down, and this time at a fairly alarming speed. It was around this point that I fell unconcious.

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